The most popular athletes
Not from today it is a well known fact that athletes are media people, and their image is affected not only by the achived results but also by the way they present themselves in the Internet. Social media is now a window to the world, a way of getting information and creating your own opinions, as well as contact with fans. The portal has prepared the latest popularity ranking of athletes with disabilities, according to which the winner and the strong leader in social media is our colleague Bartosz Ostałowski. The only professional driver, who impressively drives the car with his foot. Bartek lost both hands as a result of the accident, but it did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams.

Below we would like to present the top 3 in the ranking:
1. Bartosz Ostałowski - motor sports (44224)
2. Natalia Partyka - table tennis (44121)
3. Rafał Wilk - cycling (19952) 

Congratulations to the leaders.

We also would like to encourage you to watch the video about Bartosz Ostałowski, from which you will learn more about his amazing history!

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