Mission statement:

For many years, people with motor impairments have faced social and professional exclusion. They experienced confinement and isolation. The past decade has brought considerable improvement, but there is still an immense need for change. The idea behind the Dorado foundation is, as the name suggests, to be like a goldfish, making sure that the wishes of those in need come true, and providing support to anyone who works for the benefit of this special group of disabled people in Poland.

The Dorado Foundation’s primary area of activity involves:

  • social and professional activation of people with motor impairments
  • support and financing for startups and web portals devoted to disabled people
  • conferences, training, and courses launched in cooperation with public institutions and private businesses
  • social campaigns in traditional and new media
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Whom we support:


A friendly communication app that helps typing messages and texts easier and quicker. It makes connecting with the world easier, and prevents digital exclusion, because we have created it with the needs of disabled people and seniors in mind as well.

  • Typing a message takes significantly fewer clicks than in other communication apps.
  • Our extensive dictionary suggests words and phrases that you can easily select during a conversation.
  • An intuitive user interface makes typing easier and helps you use the app’s functions more effectively.
  • The Wall gives users a space for sharing information and pictures.
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