Story of love
Another beautiful love story will appear on our profile today. Justyna and Miłosz met on the internet five years ago. He - an interesting, young, funny man who has been struggling with muscular dystrophy for years, when he was 11 years old, the disease forced him to start using a wheelchair. She - young, beautiful, full of life and dreams, up to her ears in love with a man who today she can proudly call a husband. The story of this couple sounds like a description of a romantic Hollywood comedy. This is not a fragment of the script, but real relationship, true and sincere love, between two people who, despite many adversities, decided to spend the rest of their lives together with all the costs. From the beginning of this acquaintance, Justyna knew that Miłosz was in a wheelchair and the relationship with him would not be a bed full of roses, on the contrary, it could be a daily struggle. This knowledge, however, did not change her attitude in any way, and as they both planned for several years - they got married, forever.
Miłosz has been involved in various types of charity for years. He also organizes actions during which he effectively raises money for therapy, thanks to which his life becomes easier.
Congratulations to the happy couple and wish them a lot of luck on a new, shared path of life!

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