Special gynecological clinics
Last week, the capital City hall announced fantastic news! Two hospitals (Prague Hospital and Solec Hospital) are opening special gynecological clinics, all for ladies who have encountered various types of difficulties in accessing or adapting such clinics to the needs of people with disabilities, now they will be easily able to use them. Special equipment and qualified staff will allow clinics to provide professional assistance to everyone, without any exception. As emphasized by the Warsaw City Hall, the fight for equality and accessibility is a priority. Gynecological clinics - this is just the beginning (we hope so!). Specialized training, thanks to which employees received the necessary knowledge about the needs of women with disabilities - were conducted thanks to Kulawa Warszawa.

All interested in the subject Ladies - we would like to inform you that appointments for the visit in both hospitals start on Tuesday. You can contact the Prague Hospital by e-mail - przyjaciele@szpitalpraski.pl or by phone at 22-555-12-34 (Monday to Friday from 8.00-15.00). A visit to the Solec Hospital can be arranged by contacting the przyjazny@cmsolec.pl or by calling 883-700-972 (Monday to Friday, 8.00-15.00).

We hope that we have many more such well-organized projects ahead of us, we are waiting impatiently for further initiatives, more cities that will join existing projects.

2019-08-28 | Source: tvnwarszawa.tvn24.pl