Michael Neuvirth has just released his book
Today we would like to share with you some great news - our friend from USA, Michael Neuvirth, has just released his book - "Make The World Accessible Yourself", which you can download for free from Amazon since yesterday! A great publication about how to make the world accessible, when it seems that it is completely impossible. Funny, light and extremely practical prose, which we hope, will change the thinking of many people with disabilities. Mike shows how to live according to your own rules and what to do to earn money and be a "master of your own life". He explains and in a very pleasant way encourages you not to give up your dreams and take a step forward to show otherpeople your own ideas.

Mike also describes in his book various ways to facilitate everyday life in the world which is "not fully adapted" for the disabled, lists and presents many inventors / originators of innovative solutions. From this fantastic publication, we learn about new equipment, organizations, initiatives, technology news, events and others, and all gathered together in one place are really useful compendium of knowledge and can become a source of inspiration for many people. Mike on page 509 also describes our application - ParrotOne, we are very proud of this fact. We sincerely encourage you to read and we hope you will spend a nice evening with this interesting publication! Remember the book is now available, for free, on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NLM6FTS/