Hiking with Sight
We love such stories! She - born with spina bifida, can only move in a wheelchair. He - after falling ill with glaucoma, lost his sight completely. Melanie Knecht and Trevor Hahn got into sports activities, they also went together to the adaptive class of boxing and climbing. They were united by friendship and a great passion for travel. They both grew up in Colorado, where there are plenty of places to spend time actively. Melanie is not able to climb alone, which is why she often used the help of friends. The situation changed completely when Trevor appeared in her life and with it the chance to travel together and above all complement each other during their lifetime. Before they decided on their first expedition they had many preparatory courses, which, as they say, were necessary for everything to go their way while climbing the highest peak in Colorado.

Trevor had to build his shoulder strength so that when carrying Melanie while climbing Mount Elbert, he didn't get tired too quickly. "It's a human spirit. If you want something very much and you find the right people who want the same as you - you can do everything," said Knecht, in her case Trevor turned out to be the perfect person.

Melanie and Trevor launched an account on Facebook and Instagram (Hiking with Sight), where you can follow their actions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with their profile. We hope that this story will also be an amazing inspiration for you and another proof that nothing is impossible!

2019-08-29 | Source: outsideonline.com