It would seem that there are no hashtags that no one has used before. Every day we are flooded with the same, well-known or quite obvious tags in every corner of the network. As it turned out, thanks to the Canadian Andrew Gurza - you can still create completely new hashtags -talking about #DisabledPeopleAreHot! Andrew was very surprised to use that hashtag for the first time on Twitter, he did not expect that nobody came up with this idea before. As he claims, he thought it might be fun and also an interesting action which will support people with disabilities. He asked people to: feel confident, sexy, proud of their bodies and happy despite their disability. The next step he expected from them was posting their selfies on the Internet. The response from the users was very surprising.

The network was literally flooded with a wave of various selfies, smiling people in wheelchairs, with prostheses, body deformities and other illnesses. Although this is a very recent case #DisabledPeopleAreSexy can boast of thousands of users. Photos often contain a brief explanation of why specific people have decided to participate in the action.Internet users mention, among other things, how often they are treated in society as unattractive people, even asexual. We know that it is complete nonsense and literally everyone can be sexy, if only start to feel that way, and sometimes there is so little to begin. We support #DisabledPeopleAreHot!