Colleagues decided to printed her hand in a 3D printer
She does not know how to thank, basically she has no idea what to think about it. She was born without a hand, and yet in harmony with her own dreams she went to a mechanical technical school. Colleagues decided that they would print her new hand in a 3D printer. Incredible? This young, spirited girl from Podkarpacie will soon earn the title of a qualified motor vehicle technician. Do you think she'll stop at this? Nothing could be more wrong. Full of passion, capable, determined, dreaming about "gouging with cars". To Kinga cars were and are a passion and dream, after years of being a victim of oppression and notorious ridicule among peers, colleagues from technical school decided to improve her quality of life and help in achieving the goals. In a big shortcut, after the lessons, they collected money and devoted their own time to a project related to printing a new hand for a favorite friend. It sounds unrealistic and trivial for many of us, but imagine that you are born without a hand, you have never known the feeling of having it, nor have you had any experience of being a non-disabled person. This really meant a lot to Kinga. It changed her way of thinking, well-being and gave hope for complete normality.

Nearly four months of tedious work, dozens of trials and disappointments. Finally, Kinga's friends reached what they wanted, they printed a new hand just before the prom. For this young, beautiful and ambitious girl who so far encountered only obstacles on her way, it was something unreal and unachievable. At the moment there is only one plan - creating a more perfect prosthesis, electronic, reacting to most of the stimuli coming from the girl's body. Technicum students from Jarosław want to also cover the prosthesis with a material resembling human skin in the smallest details. We keep our fingers crossed and can’t wait for news about the progress of work.

2019-03-04 | Source: tvn24