Beaches for everyone
Jastarnia, Jurata, and Kuźnica meet the needs of people with disabilities who decided to spend their holidays at the Polish seaside. Anyone who dreams of a sea breeze and a moment of relaxation on the beach, from this year, can benefit from a special amphibian (stroller designed for both people with disabilities and the elderly and children suffering from chronic diseases or struggling with other mobility restrictions). Amphibious is also a fantastic solution for people who are afraid of water. Its use is possible both on the sand and directly in the water. Each bath taking place using this solution is supervised, there are two assistants per disabled person (lifeguards who have undergone special training in communication and operating the wheelchair).

We would like to provide you with the exact locations of the amphibian, perhaps it will help you plan your vacation on the Baltic:
1) Jastarnia - entrance to the beach No. 46
2) Kuźnica - entrance to the beach No. 33
3) Jurata - entrance to the beach No. 60.
You can also find a bathing stroller in Gdynia, but before arriving, it is worth checking whether using the stroller on a given day is possible.

We hope very much that over time more and more coastal towns will join Jastarnia, Jurata, Kuźnica, and Gdynia. For now, we wish you a pleasant holiday! Summer will end soon, but the weather is still good for trips, so pack your bags and take advantage of the last rays of summer sun!

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